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Hi! I'm Whitney

Once upon a time, a young chipper Whitney pulled out her feather and ink and wrote to Santa. She asked for many things, but she made sure to put lots of hearts and stars by the number one item she most desired, a camera. There was no “ah-ha!” moment when she started taking photos, she was too busy daydreaming about what dress she would wear when her and Zach from Hanson exchanged vows. As Whitney grew older, her love interests always changing (Justin, Paul, Channing, etc.), but that camera continued to stay near. She started dragging anything that agreed to stay still (or kind of still, dogs never listen) while she figured out the camera that seemed to stalk her.

 As she entered High School terrified that she would forget her locker combination, she signed up for the only photography related class available, Yearbook. This led her to Yearbook camp and as her social status with her classmates lowered, her interest in photography grew.  It was a fellow yearbook camper who displayed a photo he took that blew her creative mind, and THAT'S when it all started. Thank you, Yearbook camp.

Since that life-changing Yearbook camp day, Whitney has taken it upon herself to just love photography. Simple as that, Whitney + Camera= All is right in Whitney World. And to put the icing on the cake, to take pictures of people that are on cloud nine. Whitney (I) can’t imagine life without a camera, doesn’t mean I’m some special person. It means that it makes me happy and I like being happy.

I would classify my work as a happy/photojournalist/lifestyle/moment grabber with a skosh of creativity. I can help you laugh when you catch “camera shock”, but I like to make the moments more natural than staged. Love speaks for itself, there’s no need to force anything. 

Other fun facts:

  • I played softball in College for three years... for three different teams. wowza! 
  • My grandpa was a photographer! I now have a lot of his cameras (like the one pictured above) and they're my favorite. 
  • I really enjoy lake time! Every weekend I'm not shooting a wedding during the summer, I'm definitely at the lake! Riding stand up jetskis with my dad and fiancè. 
  • I have a dog named Emmy! She is a Cavapoo. Nothing better in the world than puppy love. 
  • Family is so important to me. I have been so fortunate to watch my Great Grandparents hold hands for many years. They were married for 76 years when my Great Grandma passed in 2014. My Great Grandpa just joined her this Valentines (2017). It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye, but again, I'm so fortunate to have them in my life for so long! My parents have been married 32 years this April! I will be getting married in 2018! I LOVE... LOVE! :)
  • I've definitely cried at weddings. Thank goodness my camera is big enough to cover my face. That being said, I've also definitely danced at weddings... my camera is a great dancing partner.


Okay, I think that's enough about me! Please feel free to stalk me via any social media outlet, contact me via my "secret admirer" connect page, text or call me at (816) 645-3271. I love friends and love talking about ideas. Talk to you soon! :)


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